Apple’s marketing strategy. How did it become the giant we know?

Our team at Amunet Digital has always been fascinated with the success stories of brands that were able to take on the market. Especially ones that became world leading companies, starting from the bottom. That is why we have decided to start blog series, covering some of the marketing strategies leading companies used to boost and establish their market presence. Thinking of success story and successful marketing strategy, what other company to start this series with than Apple.


About Apple’s marketing strategy

Worldwide marketers and experts study Apple’s marketing strategy for years. All trying to get as much insights as possible to discover how did it become the giant we know. In the last years Apple became a hundred billion dollar giant thanks to their products. Especially when we talk about the the iPhones earning 70% of their revenue. In this article you will find some of Apple’s top marketing techniques they used to become one of the leaders in their field.


Find the right people

Apple worked hard to ensure they find the right followers for their brand. There are millions of people buying Apple’s products just because they are Apple. Apple became like some sort of religion for their fans, and we must admit, this is absolutely brilliant! Being able to win people on your side means you will face much less of challenges finding buyers, investors, partners, and suppliers.


Simpler is better

Apple’s products have always been made look simple, elegant, and classy. Not only their looks but also advertisement has been kept with simple commercials. Advertising copy focuses on the benefits the customer will get from their features and not so much on explaining their technical side. Go through your strategy and project plan, ask yourself: Is my product or service made look way more complicated than it should be? If so, work on simplifying it, making it way easier to comprehend for your end customer.


Give experience to your customers

Weather your website, product, or service it all should be a pleasurable experience to your end customer. Apple is one of the first ever companies to sell not only a product but an experience. The customer service, the packaging, the feeling of the product, the launching it all should be about the exclusive experience.


Tone of voice

You should be very careful when choosing the tone of voice to communicate with your end customers. Weather it will be more formal or casual, Apple decided to stick to a simpler language- the one of the average laptops and mobile prone user. You should use a language that your customers understand, this way they will feel you get them and it’s not only about you but them.


Think outside the box

We hear that almost every day and it is not as easy as it sounds. To be able to think differently sometimes you will need to walk against yourself and your already established believes. Apple’s ability to think outside of the box made them successful despite the competitors. They changed history forever with their advertisement, with their pitch and overall market presence.


Chose the revolutionary way of doing business and you will not fail, you might have your struggles and down moments but success comes to the people who dare to dream big and do not give up. Use Apple’s story for your inspiration and their marketing strategy for your own, big things are awaiting you just around the corner!