Is there an Asset Library in Google Ads?

Ah, the feeling of a fresh update from Google Ads is great, especially when it has the power to improve the overall workflow and optimisation times of your account. Have you ever wanted to have an asset library for your Google Ads account?

In June 2021, the Google Ads Asset Library was initially presented with the release of Ads Creative Studio, which combines technologies previously accessible on YouTube, Display & Video 360, and Campaign Manager 360. The feature started rolling out in December 2021, and you should already have it under your Shared Library.

asset library Google ads

Why are we so excited about this?

PPC specialists and advertisers may be able to improve their overall workflow by using the new Asset Library feature. For example, you could post one image and then use it in many ads. It may also be used to make any Standard Rich Media creative dynamic by changing the images or videos during the campaign’s runtime. This means you can easily switch and optimise the visuals of all of your campaigns, making the whole optimisation process effortless. Also, any existing picture assets in the advertiser’s account will be shown in the Asset Library. Advertisers can use this view to search for current assets or generate new ones.

Ps. Do not worry if you are still unable to see the Asset Library on your Google Ads account. The feature is still in BETA and Google hasn’t said when it would be made available to additional marketers.

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