TikTok Trends for 2022, What Comes Next?
2021 is now over, it has been a year filled with both positive and negative events that happened. It's safe to say that the year didn't turn out quite as many of us expected but despair not! It has not...
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Is there an Asset Library in Google Ads?
Ah, the feeling of a fresh update from Google Ads is great, especially when it has the power to improve the overall workflow and optimisation times of your account. Have you ever wanted to have an asset library for your...
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TikTok Trends & How To Be Popular?
TikTok took the world the world by storm in 2019 and since then we have seen it grow and evolve further day by day. Nowadays the majority of trends we see on social media come from TikTok. Viral hashtags, challenges,...
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How to generate leads on Instagram?
A lot of people come to us asking whether it is possible to generate leads on Instagram. This is why we prepared a few actionable tips for you to follow in order to gain more followers and more business from...
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Video Marketing Strategy … What and How to Create a strategy that works?
Have you heard about video marketing? How about video marketing strategy creation? We would be surprised if you haven’t. Nowadays Video marketing is one of the most important marketing trends. According to sources like Impact, 52% of consumers say that...
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The impact of AI on Digital Marketing in 2021
There is no doubt already that Artificial Intelligence is the future when it comes to almost all aspects of our lives. We already use it in most workplaces, the medical field, the gaming industry, and many others. But what impact...
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