Build a Buyer Persona For Your Business Fast and Easy

Building a buyer persona is essential for each business whether you are a start-up or well-established organization. It also does not matter what your field of operation is whether you are in the automotive industry, fintech, dental services or else. Doing so can without any question help you find more customers or partners depending on your business needs. Buyer personas help you focus your efforts on qualified prospects. But not only, but it also guides product or service development, drives content creation and can be beneficial for aligning work across your organization no matter sales or marketing related.

This is why we at Amunet Digital recommend everyone to create buyer persona templates before launching a new business, starting a sales or marketing advertisement campaign. 

Let us start with what exactly is a buyer persona? 

A buyer persona is a fictional yet accurate representation of what your perfect customer looks like. Please note that there is a difference between a buyer persona and a target audience. You can relate to an article we wrote on How to determine the target audience for your business. A buyer persona should always be based on data and research so it can guarantee its accuracy. As a result, you’ll be able to attract high-value visitors and leads, who will be more likely to convert. 

There are 2 ways you can build a buyer persona – either you can choose to work with a marketing agency that can create a buyer persona for you and consult you on what will be the best starter strategy for your business or you can try to build such yourself. Of course, this should be based on your knowledge of the specific market, the field of operations, country specifics and many other factors related to your line of business. 

Here are some key steps you should take into consideration so you can build a buyer persona for your business fast and easy: 

Determine who needs your product or service

This can be done by asking yourself a few questions like “What gender is my potential buyer?”, “How old are they?”, “Where do they live?”, “What are their interests?”, “What language do they speak?”, “Why do they need my product/service?”, “How can my product/service help them?” and so on. By answering those questions you will better understand your potential customer’s mindset and coming from that how and where to promote your brand also ways to direct sales of your product or service to the right people. 

Prepare the right messaging for your personas

Based on your research what is the best tone of voice you or your employees should use when communicating with your ideal customers? It can be more formal business-like or it can be more casual and friendly. Both are right depending on your field of operation. It is all about your customers feeling comfortable and respected, this can immensely boost your company’s reputation and even bring some nice testimonials and recommendations.

Work of your ad targeting 

Once you followed our tips above it is time to work on your ad targeting. You can create social media ads that target specific members of your audience. Once you create custom audiences based on your buyer personas, you can then create different visuals for each of them. Persona-inspired targeting improves the performance of your social media campaigns and increases conversion rates.

Find out which social media platform your buyer persona uses 

This can be based on their demographics like age and gender. You can even go deeper by pinpointing your ideal customer’s location and even interests. Knowing this helps you use the appropriate social media channels to communicate and advertise. When it comes to advertisement it is always best to rely on marketing professionals so you don’t risk losing money while not being entirely sure how to work with the social media platform ads manager and insights. 

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