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Tesla’s Revolutionary Marketing: Igniting the Electric Dream
Tesla is a unique company that has a unique business model. The company has developed a loyal customer base, which means that people are willing to pay more for Tesla cars than they would for other cars. That's because Tesla...
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NFT just a hype or anything more?
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken over the world. We talk about art, music, iconic video clips from NBA games, GIFs, Designer sneakers and even food. Some digital assets may cost you just few dollars, but others can go over millions....
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Apple’s marketing strategy. How did it become the giant we know?
Our team at Amunet Digital has always been fascinated with the success stories of brands that were able to take on the market. Especially ones that became world leading companies, starting from the bottom. That is why we have decided...
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Top 5 of Forbes Most Powerful Women of 2021
Happy International Women’s Day from our team at Amunet Digital! To celebrate the day and all the beautiful, smart, strong, and ambitious women out there, we decided to share Forbes' list of most powerful women for 2021. It is an...
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Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022
It is now February and as we all know digital marketing is developing and changing at a breakneck pace. What are the digital marketing trends going to be for 2022? Would it be a successful strategy to only follow them...
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Why & How To Start A Digital Business?
2022 seems like a great year for you to start your digital business? We are very happy to hear that! Considering the fast-paced world we live in, the thought of starting a digital business gets more and more popular and...
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