Influencer Marketing in 2022: The next big thing

As every past year, 2021 had its ups and downs but if we need to talk about influencer marketing it is no secret, it surprised everyone to become a record-breaker year. It feels as if so many new influencers flooded the digital market that we lost count a long, long time ago. The great thing is that there is nothing wrong with it! One day that tendency will fade away, and influencer marketing will simply become a regular part of marketing. Until that day we are sure it will continue to be “the thing”.

Wondering what the influencer marketing trends for 2022 are?

We are in the very beginning of 2022, and it is clear- it will certainly be a new record year! The rising digitalization results in a never seen till now need for digital platforms. From the smallest companies to the biggest enterprises, digital platforms are being utilized for brand awareness and advertisement. One of the companies’ favorites in recent years is no doubt influencer marketing.

But what is influencer marketing really?

Influencer marketing is a hybrid method of digital advertisement. It uses both traditional channels and digital marketing ones. It does not just feature famous people’s endorsements, but it also includes a diverse group of people to advertise a service or a product coming from their own experience with a certain brand. Companies prefer to team up with online influencers to promote themselves and what they do and to boost their brand recognition. An interesting fact we notice in the past year is the micro-influencers tendency. You no longer need to rely solely on celebrities with millions of followers, but you can also choose to work with people having just hundreds of followers or even fewer.

How it can boost your company branding?

Thanks to influencer marketing, companies can now evaluate their strategies wisely and organize their posting schedules better. They can pick the topics to stress and have the freedom to identify the influencers that will have the right pool of followers to reach the best result. Our team at Amunet Digital cannot wait to see how 2022 will turn out for influencer marketing! We are sure that there is much more exciting news to come, keep up with our content!