The impact of AI on Digital Marketing in 2021

There is no doubt already that Artificial Intelligence is the future when it comes to almost all aspects of our lives. We already use it in most workplaces, the medical field, the gaming industry, and many others. But what impact Ai is having on the Digital Marketing field?

Let’s start with what is Artificial Intelligence – Is part of computer science simulating human intelligence, its main goal is to analyze, learn and adapt the same way a human mind does. For now, such adaptation is not yet taking place so much, but this is the ultimate plan.

When it comes to Digital Marketing, it uses a lot of analytics, research, comparison, and tooling, all matching perfectly with how Ai operates. Let’s cover some aspects where AI has changed and continue changing the landscape of digital marketing:

  • Content Marketing:

    Through the use of Artificial Intelligence within content marketing, audience targeting has improved tremendously, it allowed studying the user’s behaviour and habits much better than before, improving greatly the web content. Such an example is the enhancement of the video content, the blog content, and others, this way generating more quality leads and traffic for your business.

  • Voice product search:

    More and more businesses make their website content-friendly in terms of voice searching. This way a potential lead can search for a specific product on Google or other search platforms by just using voice. AI translates speech into text this way making the search much easier and faster.

  • Chatbots:

    Chatbot development makes receiving needed help and supports much more available, in most cases even 24/7 regardless of the location. Chatbots in comparison to humans do not need any rest so they can provide customer support even after working hours. Also, in most cases, chatbots support multiple languages so the communication goes easier and more pleasant for the end customer.

These are some of the many ways Artificial Intelligence improved the sphere of digital marketing. We hope this article was interesting and useful for you.

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