TikTok Trends for 2022, What Comes Next?

2021 is now over, it has been a year filled with both positive and negative events that happened. It’s safe to say that the year didn’t turn out quite as many of us expected but despair not! It has not been all doom and gloom. We at Amunet Digital want to focus your attention on positivities such as- “Drones Helped Us Get a Handle on Plastic Pollution”, “Dutch ‘Bee Hotels’ Helped Bee Populations Remain Stable” and “United Flew the First Passenger Aircraft With 100-Percent Sustainable Fuel”.

These are only a few of the amazing highlights that happened this year and we are hoping for many more to come in the next one. 

2021 was also immensely successful for one application, you guessed it right- TikTok! No one can say it better than them: “TikTok – trends start here”. Recently we wrote an article Are Trends Nowadays Born on TikTok? Trends & How To Be Popular there you can find information on how you can create a trend yourself and how to become popular while having fun. In 2021 TikTok reached the outstanding number of 1 billion monthly active users, remaining the most downloaded app. We experienced trends such as “Tell Me Without Telling Me”, “Mama Said That It Was OK”, “Zoom Meeting Mishaps” and many more. But what comes next for TikTok 2022? What are the next trends and what will go out of trend? We prepared 3 things for you to expect: 

  1. More travel vlogging from people who live in or travel to smaller countries and cities.

    Of course, we all love New York, Paris and London but places like Sofia, Bulgaria, Sighisoara, Romania, Český Krumlov, Czech Republic and many others have much to offer to travellers and explorers, plus prices are much more affordable than the ones of popular tourist destinations

  2. Much more music-based trends.

    2021 TikTok trends had an amazing impact on the music world but wait to see 2022! New singers and musicians will take on the stage and surprise us with fresh and relatable content.

  3. Who said fashion?

    If 2021 was the year of the ’90s coming back, TikTok 2022 will charm us with the 60’s revival as well as with some Indie Sleaze, Cyber Style and more so tighten your belt and be ready for a fashion ride!


But what are the trends that will go out of fashion in TikTok 2022? Viral TikToker’s predict that things like the “Jump change outfit transition”,  “Rags to riches stories” and maybe even TikTok dances will be no longer in 2022! Hard to believe that right? Those trends were part of 2020 and 2021 but maybe that is the reason they need to go already. We all need and look for more creative, relatable and even educational content that can bring us more positivity and new horizons. 

We all know one thing for sure though, TikTok will continue to be hype and we don’t even mind that! Whatever it is that TikTok 2022 will bring to its users it will dictate the world’s trendiness.  

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